Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hello Friends, it's time to give up drinking (again)

I haven't posted here for a while because, frankly, I went back to drinking.  Here's the train of events which led me there:

  • I didn't remove all of the drink from the house.  I kept one bottle of malt.  I thought that,
    Even Angels Lapse
    because it was expensive, I would save it and it would have been a good test of character.
Learning Point for me: unless you think you're life will be that of a blissful angel forever more, there will be a bad day and that bottle will be there.  To hell with it being expensive, it's going into my tummy...
Still Deeply unsure about going public
  • That no mater who strong you fell at the start, there will come a moment when all of that strength escapes you.  In my case it wasn't overcome in a full-frontal assault.  I probably could have done something about that.  Instead it came quietly, in the night, like a wee drink-ninja.  It was dressed in black so I hardly saw him,  and before I knew it, one was down my throat.
  • Despite everything I've said before, I'm now far less convinced that you can do this quietly, without anyone knowing.  I'm still thinking that one over.
  • I have been on my DUI course this weekend.  Its a rehab course for people who have been caught drink driving.  It goes in to great detail effects on health, a lot of which I didn't know.  SO my sensible brain is now thinking - maybe you can shock yourself with the science of it dude.
But above all, I'm still in the same place, and willing to give it another go.  I have to, or it will kill me.